Wellbeing - Naturopath Approved

Oooohhh La La... Introducing our brand new Wellbeing range!

Wellbeing is the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy. With this range of premium 100% organic teas + tisanes we set out to create a suite of delicious and functional brews that focus not only on physical health but also mental, spiritual & emotional health. We are thrilled to have worked with the very lovely and very clever Naturopath extraordinaire, Kirsty of Kirsty King Naturopathy to bring you this special suite of brews.

The gorgeous Ginkgo leaf was our inspiration for our new Wellbeing range - it is super beautiful and symbolic of longevity as well as hope + peace. Ginkgo trees can live for a thousand years and have incredible endurance. Nature is truly amazing! May longevity be an opportunity for everyone.

We start this fancy collection with 5 new functional tisanes. First, we invite you to enjoy our gentle and delicious tisane for glowing skin and our stunning range of 4 tisanes to support you and yours on your journey through pregnancy and beyond. We can't wait to create more brews for you soon x