Oolong Tea

Oh my heart! We love our Oolong!

Oolong (or Wulong) refers to teas that have been partially oxidised before being twisted or rolled. There are two main types – those that are 10-30% oxidised and whose slightly sweet floral aromas are similar to those of green tea (Green Oolongs), and those that undergo 40-70% oxidisation which give woody, fruity and sometimes caramelised notes (Black Oolongs). Oolong teas come in a wide range of aromas and tastes and, though we love all Oolongs, our heart was stolen big time by Tie Guan Yin - also known as Iron Goddess of Mercy. Ours is a premium semi-ball-rolled organic Oolong that hails from the famous Anxi district in the Fujian province of China. We offer it here blended with PURE GOLD LEAF (I know!) because it deserves such glory! The blooming tea on offer is a Dong Fang Mei Ren Oolong, the leaves hand-tied in a ball with dried flowers inside ready to bloom for you (I know!). Oolong teas can be re-steeped many times. With each infusion, the tightly balled leaves unfurl to reveal large, thick shiny leaves and an ever-changing flavour profile. Fancy as.