Our fav tea tools for the perfect brew

“You’re only as strong as the tools in your toolbox” - Michael Bastian

Or as we like to say...

“Your tea is only as good as the teaware in your cupboard”

To get the perfect brew every time we want to share our absolute favourite tea tools that we could not live without! We are super fussy and searched the world to bring you the loveliest, high-quality, functional teaware. We love our range and invite you to explore it. Start upping your tea game!

BBB Golden Tea Infuser

The perfect everyday companion

Made with food-grade quality stainless steel, this fancy custom made infuser has super fine mesh (to prevent smaller ingredients from making their way into your brew), convenient handles and a lid.

Simply spoon your fav BBB loose leaf tea into the infuser, place it in your fav cup or teapot so the handles rest on the sides. Pour hot water over the leaves and let it brew as to your liking. Simply remove the infuser from the cup or pot when it is ready and sit it inside the lid. Some teas can be brewed multiple times so re-brew as you wish.

When you are finished, tap the loose leaves out into green waste or garden when finished and rinse the infuser for next time.

We highly suggest the BBB Golden Tea Infuser for brewing up all of our teas but it works especially well for our award-winning, masala chai blends Chookas Chai & Stage Kiss that contain finely aromatic ground spices.

Kinto Unimug

If we could marry this beauty we would! Amazing for one cup brewing...

A gorgeous heat resistant glass mug with a coloured strainer that fits seamlessly into the 350ml cup. The crystal clear mug allows you to witness your brew develop until the tea liquor is perfectly brewed for you.

So easy, functional, cool and stylish! Great for work and a total pleasure to drink from.


- Add tea leaves into the strainer and set within the glass mug

- Add 300ml of hot water at the correct temperature for your chosen tea type

- Steep for as long as appropriate for your chosen tea type, remove the strainer and sip

The strainer is durable, keeps loose leaves from your mug, and sits cleanly on the lid in-between steeps. The whole package is dishwasher safe!

Comes in 3 stunning colours - golden yellow, wine red and navy blue! Oh how to choose?

The perfect gift for yourself or a friend with a pouch of BBB tea.

A wonderful way to brew quality loose leaf tea, one cup at a time, at home or at work.

Kinto Loop

Scoop and slide shut. Soooo cooooool.

Pops apart for easy cleaning

The Loop Tea Strainer from Kinto is a pocket-sized smart tea tool!

To make tea, just open the slideable part, scoop tea leaves directly without a teaspoon, close the sliding lid and place in a Kinto cup or mug containing hot water.

It comes with a stand to place the strainer in after use. Yes - it is true!

The slideable part is easy to remove and wash. Dishwasher safe!

Kinto Glass Teapot

Elegant functional teaware

It is our belief, after drinking copious amounts of tea over many years from many different vessels, that KINTO - Japanese teaware designer and manufacturer - is the very best when it comes to function, elegance and design excellence.

This stunning KINTO UNITEA glass teapot - with glass infuser basket and lid - holds 720mls.

It is made of heat-resistant glass - so you can see your pretty brew develop - and is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Use with the utterly beautiful UNITEA Glass Tea Cups + Saucers to make a perfect set.

Kinto Plug Iced Tea Jug

Cold-brew amazingness

Brew the perfect refreshing iced BBB tea every time with this amazing jug.

There’s nothing better than an icy drink on a hot day! Beat the heat and enjoy a cool refreshing drink at home with the gorgeous KINTO Plug iced tea jug.

Featuring a built-in infuser with a fine-grade mesh, the Plug iced tea jug is a simple and sophisticated way to serve your BBB iced teas, herbal infusions and more. Once your tea is brewed, simply pop out the infuser and the Plug iced tea jug is ready to take pride of place at your barbecues and summer garden parties. Your guests will love a cool drink and appreciate the Plug’s stylish design too.

The outer lid seals tightly so you can store the jug at any angle, and the Plug iced tea jug is dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up.

Cold Brewing Tips

Use 2 tsp per cup (twice as much as hot brewing)

Add loose-leaf tea to a jug or flask

Use pure filtered, cold water

Give a good stir

Brew in the fridge overnight

Remove the leaves and pour over ice, add a dash of sparkling mineral or soda water to create a refreshing tea spritzer.

Made By Fressko Glass + Stainless Steel Flasks

It's a tea infuser bottle. It's a fruit infuser bottle, a water bottle, a coffee flask...

It is everything and it's AMAZING quality.



This sleek, unique, bpa-free, double walled glass Fressko Tour Flask, which includes Fressko’s 2-in-1 Infuser Filter and a leak proof bamboo lid is the ideal companion for steeping your special Brewed By Belinda tea blend to perfection, creating your favourite fruit-infused waters or simply enjoying your coffee in; all while you BREW AS YOU GO.

Stays cold for 6 hours, Stays hot for 4 hours.

400 ml


Brew Brewed By Belinda tea, sip coffee, and create healthy fruit infused water, iced tea and smoothie recipes in the one of these BPA free, insulated, stainless steel bottles.

Stays cold for 12 hours, Stays hot for 6 hours.

500 ml

4 beautiful colours - Floss (pink), Coal (black), Snow (white) or Lagoon (teal)

This sleek and stylish, chemical-free, scratch resistant, powder coated, insulated stainless steel Flask with stainless steel inner, includes Fressko’s unique 2-in-1 Filter, is the perfect companion for brewing your special Brewed By Belinda tea blend. This product is lightweight and vacuum sealed and has a leak-proof, easy-grip lid and scratch-proof body. Soooo goood and indestructible!


Here at Brewed By Belinda, we sell only 100% organic loose leaf teas, no teabags.

Though there are some healthy and environmentally teabag options on the market, many teabags contain microplastics that leach into your beverage, they aren't recyclable and most are not compostable.

Loose leaf tea reduces single-use waste, has bigger leaf sizes meaning better quality tea and are completely compostable!

Our tea fav tea tools are great 'zero waste' options, once you’ve finished brewing you can empty your leaves straight into the compost, or onto your garden to help it thrive!

We love our Mother Earth and are proud to champion the use of quality loose leaf tea with our stunning re-usable tea tools for a guilt-free, earth-friendly, delicious tea experience.

We invite you to join us x