Tea and chocolate this EASTER / A pairing made in heaven...

In the same vein as wine, tea can be paired beautifully with a variety of foods.

So why not pair your Easter treats with tea?

Whether you'll be hot crossing your buns, smashing down a chocolate bunny or two or indulging in some Easter cake, there is a Brewed By Belinda tea that will match your sweet treat perfectly.

The great thing about our beautiful organic tea blends is that there are no added flavours, no sweeteners, no nasties. Just guilt-free healthy, lovely tea.

You can either pair flavours that complement each other (peppermint + dark chocolate or Assam black tea + milk chocolate) or you can search for similar flavours, characteristics and notes in both the sweet treat and the tea that will enhance each other (Earl Grey with it's citrus notes + orange dark chocolate or a spiced masala chai with a spiced hot cross bun)

Here are a few pairing ideas for you...

Pair your Perfect Composition (Peppermint) with dark chocolate

Pair your Warm Up, Chookas Chai or Stage Kiss with milk chocolate

Pop your Creativitea, Chookas Chai or Stage Kiss with a hot cross bun

Drink our Director's Notes Earl Grey with some orange dark chocolate

Our delicate Standing Ovation white tea blend goes so beautifully with sweets and cakes. It's pure, subtle and balances sweet treats wonderfully.

Our Symphony No. 9 hand-rolled balls of white and green tea aromatised with Jasmine pairs beautifully with fresh fruit.

Lastly, why not try some unlikely pairings.

Ultimately it all comes down to personal taste. Have fun :)

Easter is a great time to relax, take a break, connect with friends and family and all the better over a shared pot of tea.

Happy Easter friends x

Your Chookas Chai is my FAVOURITE Chai ever - Catherine Campbell

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