BBB Environmental Statement

Because we want to do better...

We are always looking for ways to improve at BBB and are aware that a business needs to take extra consideration when it comes to its environmental impacts.

We adore Mother Nature - she provides us with the beautiful gifts that we work with each day to create our luxury range of organic teas + tisanes - we are so grateful.

Recently we took a step back to look at the BBB business as a whole to reflect on some good things that we do for the environment and also ways that we can improve. We are proud to be taking conscious steps to lessen our impact on the environment and we've made sure to set realistic and achievable environmental goals for the business in the future.

Some aspects of the business we take pride in are:

Our Canisters!

When choosing a packaging option we choose KOTODO Tin Canisters, which are handmade in Japan by skilled craftspeople. These babies are made from lead-free food grade tin steel and are amazing quality - quality products that will last a lifetime are something that heavily benefits the environment - offsetting waste with quality is what we are all about. Our canisters are also recyclable at the end of it’s life or repurpose it to store any wonderful trinkets you have.

Cellophane Bags!

We use cellophane to hold the tea that goes into our canisters. Cellophane is plant-based and made from renewable sources. You can compost our cello bags and they will break down quite quickly.

Our Refill Service

We offer a refill service to all Adelaide customers, bring your tea pouch or canister to Alberton and we can refill it for you at a discounted price!

We now offer this service online too, make an order and we will freshly package the tea of your choice in a biodegradable cellophane bag and send it off to you to refill your existing pouch or canister!

Link Here

We also offer bulk size pouches of our teas and tisanes for purchase - so you get more tea of your favourite tea with less packaging and at a bargain price. This option is available on each 'pouch' product page.

Carbon Neutral Delivery

We use Sendle & Transdirect where possible which are both carbon neutral courier services.

Our main courier service Sendle is Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral delivery service. For every tonne of carbon dioxide that Sendle emits into the atmosphere by delivering parcels they cancel it out with the help of The South Pole Group by donating to projects that fight climate change.

Transdirect is also a carbon-neutral courier service who have partnered with the Carbon Reduction Institute to offset the emissions of their courier services.

Both businesses were analysed to identify the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere each year, a dollar amount is calculated to offset this release of carbon for that year and a certified program distributes that money to appropriately offset those emissions and create positive environmental change.

Pouches can be recycled as soft plastics

Our plastic, foil-lined pouches can be recycled through a soft plastics program once you have finished with your tea, they can also be reused in your home to portion or hold bulk herbs, spices, fruits and nuts, get creative! Our pouches are high quality, airtight pouch with the foil lining that keeps the contents extremely fresh; making them an amazing option for dry food storage. We are working with our packaging supplier for a more eco-friendly option in the future.

Recycling, Reusing & Repurposing

Wherever possible we re-use all packaging, cardboard boxes, tissue paper, bubble wrap, etc that is sent to us to send orders out.

We also recycle all unusable cardboard and paper that we acquire.

We recycle all of our soft plastics through the REDcycle program whos drop off points are located at most Coles and Woolworths Supermarkets in Australia, REDcycle sorts these materials and sends them to Replas where the plastics are then transformed into park benches, outdoor gym equipment, boardwalks and more.

100% ORGANIC Ingredients

We have a commitment to using 100% ORGANIC ingredients always - all Brewed By Belinda tea blends contain 100% organic & premium quality ingredients. We offer teas that are delicious, healthy and nourishing, there are no nasties for you or the environment. No pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or chemical fertilisers are used to grow any of the tea, herbs, petals, spices or fruits that we hand-blend for you. We care greatly about the land, the farmers, the pickers, their families, you and your family.

Organic farming is better for the environment and more sustainable because it prevents the use of toxic chemicals, which damage the environment, wildlife and human health; this, in turn, builds healthy soil for better growing conditions and the longevity of growing. Organic farming also encourages biodiversity by creating stable habitats for native wildlife to share and increases the resilience of the farm from bad weather, pests and disease. Organic farming also reduces any pesticides and fertiliser runoff that makes its way into our waterways. All of these reasons show that we should be supporting organic businesses more in the future.

Our Environmental Goals for the Future:

  • Investing in branded printed boxes + Hero pack biodegradable bags to replace an extra shipping box and sticky tape when sending out gift boxes
  • Adding a charity donation selection to our purchase screen which Brewed By Belinda will contribute to each year - one being environmentally focused.
  • Continuing to seek out a biodegradable or more eco-friendly alternative to our pouches, we are working closely with our packaging company for when this option becomes available.